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The Tenth National Irish Science Fiction Convention


Contact Details

Octocon X, c/o 43 Eglinton Road, Dublin 4, Ireland
or in the UK:
Dave Lally, 64 Richborne Terrace, London SW8 1AX

Email: dstewart@iol.ie

World-wide-web: http://www.iol.ie/~jshields/octocon


18 (22.86) until September 30. 22 (27.93) on the door.

Membership Form

Yes, I really, really want to come to Octocon.
My name is:
Email address:
Badge name:
I have the following special needs:
I would like to help out and experience in the following areas:
I would like to receive information about accommodation in the Dun Laoghaire and Dublin area.

Please print out this form and mail it to the above address.

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