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The Tenth National Irish Science Fiction Convention



Robert Rankin
Our Guest of Honour, Robert Rankin, gets his own page.
Storm Constantine
Storm is best known for her striking beauty as well as her Wraethru series. Still only 22, she has tons of short stories and over a dozen novels published. Her forte is Dark Fantasy, in which she explores occult lore and forbidden sexuality. Her newest book is Sea Dragon Heir, due out in April from Gollancz/Orion.
Maggie Furey
Maggie was born in North East England, where in a former life she was a schoolteacher. She wrote the much loved Articles of Power series, part four of which was launched at Octocon in 1997. Her latest novels are The Heart of Myrial and Incondor's Challenge. She has also written Sourceress for Dolphin’s children’s series, 'The Web'. She now lives in County Wicklow with her husband, Eric, and six cats.
Robert Holdstock
Robert is a man of Kent who came to prominence with his Mythago Wood fantasy series. This is his third appearance at Octocon, where in previous years he has proven to be nearly as charming and entertaining as his beautiful companion, Sarah.
Graham Joyce
Three time British Fantasy Award winner, Graham Joyce is always a welcome visitor to Octocon, and this year will be his third appearance. His novel count currently stands at six with his seventh, Indigo, due later this year. He is currently in Thailand researching novel number eight. The words "bastard" and "lucky" spring to mind.
Tom Mathews
Although technically a free-lance cartoonist, Tom's work appears in The Irish Times so often that he practically owns the place. Tom is a founder member of the board of Yellow Press. He drew the comic strip 'Porky the Tapeworm and Larry the Leech'. His latest book is A Bit Off the Wall.
Ian McDonald
Born in Manchester, Ian McDonald spent most of his early life in Belfast, where he still lives. He has written many novels such as Desolation Road, Out on Blue Six, and his most recent Kirinya. He is now writing for a TV series, Doomwatch, based on the 1970s show of the same name. A pilot episode has been produced, and the series will hopefully air in the autumn.
Kim Newman
Guest of honour in 1995, Kim was probably one of the best we’ve ever had. He lives in London, and when not critiquing films he writes some pretty fine horror novels. His latest is Bloody Red Baron, a sequel to Anno Dracula. Both are set in an alternative history with vampires booting about the place. His anthology, Dr Shade and Other Stories, is a great starting point for any who wish to.
Geoff Ryman
Canadian writer Geoff Ryman is probably best known for fantasy novels such as The Warrior who Carried Life and The Unconquered Country. More recently, he has been exploring new ground with the internet novel 253 which explores the lives of two hundred and fifty three people aboard a London Underground train hurtling towards a crash. The paperback version, published last year, won the Philip K. Dick award.
Michael Scott
A former Octocon committee member, Michael has published over eighty books in a variety of genres. The Tales of the Bard trilogy, widely regarded to be his finest work, is due to be reprinted by US publisher White Wolf later this year. Michael is probably best remembered for his superlative auctionering skills at Eurocon.
Brian Stableford
Guest of Honour at Octocon in 1996, Brian has a long and distinguished career in the publishing world. He wrote his first novel, Cradle of the Sun, while he was studying for a PhD in biology. Since then he has written many non-fiction and academic texts, edited and contributed to numerous reference works, written articles and reviews, given lectures and won several awards. Despite this distinguished academic career, he has found time to write many science fiction, fantasy and horror novels.
Dave (Daev) Walsh
As well as being a regular contributor the The Fortean Times, Dave Walsh produces Blather, the weekly e-zine of strange phenomen which is distributed free by email. Each issue rattles the cage of whatever paranormal pabulum has strayed into the editorial trap - UFOs, lake monsters, weird Irish locations and studies of synchronicity.
James White
We regret to report that James White passed away on 23 Aug 1999.
James lives in Portrush, Northern Ireland. His first published work appeared in New Worlds in 1953 to which he was a regular contributor. His first novel, The Secret Visitors was published in 1957. His Sector General series which started in 1962 and will be continued later this year with Contact High, are probably his most renowned works. His other books such as Open Prison, All Judgement Fled, The Watch Below and Tomorrow is Too Far, are highly entertaining, intriguing and the finest examples if SF you could ever read.

Please note: All guest appearances are subject to work committments of the individual guests.

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