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The Tenth National Irish Science Fiction Convention


It’s hard to believe that Octocon has been going for ten years, but here we are organising Octocon X. And we are particularly delighted to have Robert Rankin as our Guest of Honour. Robert has been to many Octocons and has always proved an entertaining and popular programme participant.

Octocon has always been known for the quality of its guest list and this year will be no exception. Already people like Maggie Furey, James White, Kim Newman, Michael Scott and Robert Holdstock have said they would like to come along.

Our recipe is very simple: take the best ideas of the last decade, throw in some fresh ideas. Leave to simmer for a few months, all the while throwing in a new concept or two. Then remove from the heat and mix with up to 300 science fiction fans.

We won't just be doing panel sessions. We are planning a few unuusal programme items as well as a fancy dress disco on the Saturday night and some form of 10th Birthday Celebration.

So don't delay, fill out the form below, print it out and return it with your membership fee to either of the following addresses addresses:

Octocon X, c/o 43 Eglinton Road, Dublin 4, Ireland
or in the UK:
Dave Lally, 64 Richborne Terrace, London SW8 1AX

Yes, I really, really want to come to Octocon.
My name is:
Email address:
Badge name:
I have the following special needs:
I would like to help out and experience in the following areas:
I would like to receive information about accommodation in the Dun Laoghaire and Dublin area.

Please print out this form, using the print command on your browser, and send it to the above address.

Prices: 18 (22.86) until September 30. 22 (27.93) on the door.

Visit the Octocon Archive for information on previous Octocons.

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