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Guest of honor China Miéville. Author of The Scar, Perdido Street Station and King Rat. Winner of the Author C. Clarke Award and the British Fantasy Award.
Today's random featured guest:Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is a guy who writes stuff. A lot of this stuff can be found in small-press magazines like FTL, First Contact, Phase, Moonpaper, PFJ, Albedo 1, and The Brentford Mercury, as well as a large number of anthologies. He has also written a number of young adult novels: The Pelicos Trilogy, Moonlight, She Fades Away and Renegade, and an adult science fiction novel, The Throwback. Under the pseudonym Jaye Carroll, he has published three adult romance novels, all of which have sold in embarrassingly large numbers. His books have been described as "I didn't get that bit" by his editor, and "there's a typo on page 39" by a lot of other people.

Despite being very active (and probably quite influential, even if he does say so myself) in fandom for the past fifteen years, he has never been asked to join the Secret Members of Fandom, something about which he is actually not at all bitter, and in fact never even realised until just now when he was desperately trying to think of something to put in the second paragraph.

Michael has a long history with Octocon, and is one of the very few people to have attended every one of them. At conventions, Michael Carroll can usually be found not in the bar.

He is thirty-six and rapidly going bald, much to his annoyance. On the positive side, he is extremely happily married and doesn't have a proper job any more.

Link: Michael Carroll's website.

Michael Carroll

Other Guests:

Eugene Byrne, Michael Carroll, Simon Clark, Maggie Furey, Roger Gregg, Harry Harrison, Morgan Llywelyn, Ian McDonald, Juliet E. McKenna, Kim Newman, Michael Scott, John W Sexton, Colin Smythe, John Vaughan, Ian Watson

All guest appearances are subject to work commitments.

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