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Guest of honor China Miéville. Author of The Scar, Perdido Street Station and King Rat. Winner of the Author C. Clarke Award and the British Fantasy Award.
Today's random featured guest:Kim Newman

Kim Newman

Kim Newman was born in London in 1959, and is to be found there yet. He was "a weird kid, became a psycho teenager, and grew up into a maladjusted adult". His words.

His career is as varied as only a true writer's can be, having been involved in the theatre and cabaret, freelance journalism and film criticism, and finally his phenomenally successful work as a writer of fiction, both under his own name and that of Jack Yeovil: thus far he has published 20 novels and short-story collections, plus 7 non-fiction books. He has also edited a few anthologies, and been published in just about every SF/Fantasy/Horror magazine going.

Not surprisingly, he's won six awards for his writing. His most famous series of books, however, is his Anno Dracula cycle. We whole-heartedly recommend them to you.

Link: Dr. Shade's Laboratory

Pádraig Ó Méalóid

Other Guests:

Eugene Byrne, Michael Carroll, Simon Clark, Maggie Furey, Roger Gregg, Harry Harrison, Morgan Llywelyn, Ian McDonald, Juliet E. McKenna, Kim Newman, Michael Scott, John W Sexton, Colin Smythe, John Vaughan, Ian Watson

All guest appearances are subject to work commitments.

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