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The Committee

James Brophy - Chairperson, Hotel Liaison, Programming

In the autumn of 1999 James started hanging out in the Flying Pig. There he met RoB McGregor and Pádraig Ó Méalóid and through these two reprobates was introduced to the whole seedy underbelly of the Dublin science fiction culture. Including the Sci-Fi Club. As his wealth and modest abilities would allow, he would help out from time to time in the endeavours of handing out flyers, making posters, selling books, photocopying, talking to guests, dealing with hotels and so on. Quite by accident, he arrived on the Octocon committee in January of 2000. He was raw, uncouth and ignorant of much, but has since been trained up to be a model citizen of the new republic.

Recently his Urqheart like schemes paid off and he has become Chairperson.

Vince Pennell - Treasurer

From New Zealand, Vince attended his first Irish Octocon in 2000 and has being attending the sci fi club meetings since then. His interest in science fiction and fantasy started with reading the Conan series and has deteriorated, he now reads Vampirella and Groo the Wanderer. Before he left New Zealand he was an extra in the Xena and Hercules series, playing assorted warrior's having the shit kicked out of them. His acting as a warrior in death throes has yet to be surpassed.

He also belongs to the Horrorthon Club, New Zealand Ireland Association and other groups who shall remain nameless. He also does tai chi which means he can defend himself in slow motion.

David Stewart - Publicity/Promotions officer

Renaissance man, respected technology journalist, science fiction fan and SMOF are just some of the words to describe David Stewart. Idiot is another. After swearing never to be on another ConCom after the 1997 Eurocon, and again after the 1998 Octocon Lite and yet again after the 1999 Octocon X, he has agreed to take on Press & Publicity duties for Octocon 12. He also edits and distributes the SF in Ireland e-newsletter (send an e-mail with the word 'subscribe' in the header to sfnews@lostcarpark.com) and contributes crosswords to the LostCarPark Website. In his spare time, he works as a freelance journalist for Business & Finance, ComputerScope and the Irish Independent among others.


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