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Dealers Information

The Dealers' room is simply a selection of traders selling their wares.

At all conventions the dealers' room is a hive of activity and at this year's Octocon, the dealers' room is going to be a focal point for much more.

Dealers fall into three categories, first off we have the representatives of professional shops, who wish to broaden their customer base. Then we have the 'professional' dealer, an individual who does the convention/fair circuit on a regular basis, and then we have the individual who is selling off their own personal collection, or who has been buying stock just for this convention.

Of course that breakdown is quite simplified, and there are all types of dealers in between.

The advantage to the con-goer is that with the variety of stock sources, there is that wonderful chance that the item you are looking for, the out of print book, the missing comic from a series, the final item from a collection, may just turn up, and at a reasonable price too.

The relationship is of course mutual, all dealers know that con-goers will have saved for the convention, and have that little bit more to spend, that there is a large volume of customers, not just browsers killing time, and that new customers can become regular customers.


Booking Tables

If you are interested in a dealer's table here are our rates:

The tables are 6' by 2'.

One table€50.00Includes a single membership
Two tables€90.00Includes two memberships
Three tables€130.00Includes three memberships
Four tables€150.00Includes three memberships

Considering that membership to the convention costs 30 euro for an adult before October first, it can be quite economical and a bit of an adventure to make a go of becoming a dealer, just for the weekend.

You can book a table and pay for it online HERE

This year there will be a lot going on in the dealers room.
There will be a bar open from 10-6 serving Tea, Coffee and Sandwiches.
We hope to repeat the success of the network gaming from last year and we will have computers running during those hours.
There will be a fan area, where you can pick up info about other events and people giving away their fanzines.
We are also planning an 'Oktocon Projekt' where fans will be given a task, and hopefully have something to show us all by the end of it.

If you would like details, or information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are wondering about how to get rid of that video collection that you are upgrading to DVD's, comics to graphic novels, or just stuff you are tired of, give us a shout and we can help you with any query.


Who will be there?

So far we have a number of dealers already, here they are.

Slovo Books, run by Pádraig Ó Méalóid, will be selling a wide selection of second hand SF and Fantasy books.
Crow Comics, run by Liam Webster, whose shop is located in Crow Corner, Crow Street, Temple bar will have a lot of second hand comics and graphic novels.
Dandelion Books, run by Rory Lennon, whose shop is located on Aungier St. will have a selectio of the shops second hand SF and Fantasy books.
The Third Place, run by Dave and John whose shop is located also on Crow St, will have a selection of their SF merchandise ranging from DVD's to Toys to comics.
Clamnut Comix, who produce wonderfull and disturbing irish comic Mbleah. Visit their website.
UCD Science Fiction Society (more details soon).
Moviescreen Autograph and Art offer the collector a variety of authentic, quality autographs and movie memorabelia at competitive prices. Visit their website.


Advertising Rates

We also produce a programme book, and advertising in the programme can be a simple way to get your message taken home, by every member of the convention.

Adverts cost:

Quarter page Ad€40.00
Half page Ad€60.00
Full page Ad€100.00
Back page Advert€120.00

The final date for receiving copy is the 10th of September.


Booking Form

Dealer name:
Shop Address:
Products you sell:
Number of tables required:

Please print this form and send with payment to:

c/o Yellow Brick Road
8 Bachelors Walk
Dublin 1

Please note, refunds are not possible, once a booking has been made.


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