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Friends of Octocon

James Bacon

James is a man with an amazing ability to get the job done. He runs the now official Robert Rankin fan organisation SproutLore, founded of the prestigious James White Award and co-founded the Dublin SciFiClub. He has been involved with the organisation of numerous Octocons and has branched out with his own style of insanity by running Aliens Stole My Handbag and Damn Fine Con. His experience and ability make him an individual unmatched in success in Irish Fandom. What we like most about James is that when we get things wrong, he's the man to put us back on track.

James Brophy

Dave Lally

What can I possibly say that will do justice to the living legend that is Dave Lally? A Dublin man living in exile in London, Dave has run the video room at Octocon since the beginning, and is our greatest ambassador abroad. As our UK agent, Dave organises the payments from members over there, and spreads our membership forms before him wherever he goes, not just in Britain, but in France, Sweden, or wherever his extensive travels take him. Dave's true passion in life is The Prisoner, and it is no accident that we always keep membership number 6 free for him. This also explains the ever-present straw boater, though not the bad jokes. Lock up your daughters if Dave's in town.

Pádraig Ó Méalóid

Robert Neilson

There is no doubt that a convention needs help of all sorts. Bob Neilson (bless his cotton socks), does two very important things for Octocon. He allows us to use Yellow Brick Road, his extremely wonderful bead and crystal emporium (it's on Bachelors Walk, if you're curious), as our official mail address, and he processes our credit card payments. But there's another thing. Bob is probably the most amiable shopkeeper in Ireland. He always has a good word and a smile on his face, and seems to have legions of loyal customers. When he's not travelling the world in search of the perfect bead, he is also part of the editorial crew at Albedo 1, and has had a couple of his plays produced on RTE radio. We love him.

Pádraig Ó Méalóid

Brian Nisbet

Once a year, for two days in October, Brian Nisbet is the single fixed point around which our universe revolves. As the man on the registration desk, he is, quite literally, the only person who is always in the same place. This is invaluable beyond my powers to describe. And he does far more than simply take your money and give you your badge. Brian helps with security, gives directions to the outside world, sells raffle tickets, and forgives us for not informing him of programme changes. He knows virtually everyone who attends regularly, and can find anyone for us when we need them. Somehow he does all this while maintaining his position on the committee of Gaelcon, Ireland's biggest (and longest running) gaming convention. Long may he continue to do so!

Pádraig Ó Méalóid

James Shields

If we were asked to name the person who does most to help the committee to run these cons, we would automatically point to James Shields. If you're reading this on a computer screen, then he put it there. If you found your way to the Octocon site through the Sproutlore site, the James White Award site, or especially through LostCarPark, then you've already seen some of his work. If you find yourself looking at virtually any of the Octocon programme books over the past ten years, or any of the twenty-five (so far...) issues of the Brentford Mercury, then he did those, too. Add to this a virtually mutant ability to do sums in his head, and his astonishing snowboarding technique, and you have the best technogeek a con could wish for!

Pádraig Ó Méalóid


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