Previous Octocons

Octocon is the national Irish science fiction, and has been running since 1990.

All of the previous Octocons are listed below. If you are interested in the current Octocon, please click here.

YearConventionLocationGuest of HonourWebsiteProgramme Book
1990OctoconRoyal Marine Hotel, Dun LaoghaireTerry Pratchett
1991Octocon 2Royal Marine Hotel, Dun LaoghaireGeoff Ryman
1992Octocon 3Royal Marine Hotel, Dun LaoghaireOrson Scott Card
1993Octocon 4Royal Marine Hotel, Dun LaoghaireStorm Constantine
1994Octocon 5Royal Marine Hotel, Dun LaoghaireRobert HoldstockOctocon 1994 Programme Book Cover
1995Octocon 6Royal Marine Hotel, Dun LaoghaireKim Newman
1996Octocon 7Royal Marine Hotel, Dun LaoghaireBrian Stableford
1997Octocon 8: EuroconDublin CastleHarry
1998Octocon LiteRoyal Marine Hotel, Dun LaoghaireJames White
1999Octocon XRoyal Marine Hotel, Dun LaoghaireRobert
2000O2KRoyal Dublin Hotel, O'Connell StreetMichael Marshall
2001Octocon 2001Royal Marine Hotel, Dun LaoghaireAnne
2002Octocon 2002China MiƩville
2003No Octocon due to They Came and Shaved Us
2004Octocon 2004Glenroyal Hotel, MaynoothTanith Lee
2005Octocon 2005Glenroyal Hotel, MaynoothCharles Stross
2006Octocon 2006Glenroyal Hotel, MaynoothJG Jones
2007Octocon 2007Glenroyal Hotel, MaynoothAlastair Reynolds
2008Octocon 2008Royal Dublin Hotel, O'Connell StreetKen MacLeod
2009Octocon 2009Camden Court Hotel, Dublin 2Mike Carey
Fan GoH: Dave Lally
2010Octocon 2010Camden Court Hotel, Dublin 2George R. R. Martin
2011Octocon 2011Camden Court Hotel, Dublin 2John Higgins
2012Octocon 2012Camden Court Hotel, Dublin 2Gail Simone
Richard Morgan
2013Octocon 2013Camden Court Hotel, Dublin 2Richard K. Morgan
Gail Simone
2014No Octocon due to Shamrokon/Eurocon
2015Octocon 2015Camden Court Hotel, Dublin 2
2016Octocon 2016Camden Court Hotel, Dublin 2Rhianna Pratchett
Diane Duane
Peter Morwood
2017Octocon 2017Camden Court Hotel, Dublin 2Dan Abnett
Nik Vincent Abnett
2018Octocon 2018Pat Cadigan